The Story of SWEEP16

Greater Freedom means
much greater national cohesion,
a far stronger United States of America,
a far better economy, better jobs,
better health care, better education,
more marriages, more babies,
fewer divorces, more Independence.

What if one State decided to defy
the US Federal Government?
What if one State decided the gang
in Washington, DC has gone too far?

America is greatest when
American Freedom is greatest.
The 16th Amendment,
the basis of federal income tax,
is an enemy of our Freedom.

The States can very quickly
abolish federal taxation and
tame the monster in Washington DC.

TEXAS SAYS NO:  The Story of SWEEP16
is a hopefully interesting bit of fiction
that tells how we can and why we should
cut DC down to size.



If you take a look at the STORY, hopefully you will find something of interest.

Thank You.



 30 November 2015


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